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What we do

Connecting people with the best deals on the market

All the latest weekly ads, catalogs, and flyers from your favorite stores in one place.


A new way to browse your favorite catalogs

We Are 365 makes it easier to discover local stores, browse new catalogs, and find promotions and seasonal deals, taking your shopping experience to the next level.

Get weekly ads and brochures from all over the world.

We are expanding to reach new countries, new markets and a wider range of stores.
Our sites are constantly being updated to provide the best customer experience on the market. 



Since 2020, we have been expanding to new regions and countries, using data-driven analysis to create a tailor-made portfolio of stores and catalogs. Each of our sites is unique in its way, providing a different customer experience.



Our database is comprised of more than 7000 stores around the world. We want to provide our customers with a simple and seamless alternative to physical catalogs, allowing them to find the best deals near them.



Our catalogs are always fresh! We update our lists every day to provide the latest weekly ads, catalogs, and flyers from all over the world.

So be sure to check your local site regularly!

How it works

How our site works

Fresh catalogs

every day

All our sites are updated every day to provide the latest catalogs and weekly ads from all your favorite stores. From supermarkets to sports apparel and homewares, we have it all.

Optimized for speed and performance

Our website is designed to provide a fast and efficient browsing experience with minimum delays and high-quality brochures.


Our contribution

Our Part
We believe in the importance of cutting down on paper waste. That is why we are constantly updating our database to include new digital brochures and new countries.
Part of our annual proceedings go to foundations dedicated to planting trees and restoring the enviroment. It is our goal to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions. 
We Are 365 is an endeavor made in Argentina with a global focus. We work hard to adapt each of our websites to the culture of the country so our users can find what they want, seamlessly.
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